Ada Stok
Fusion Splicer
Ilsintech Swift KF-4
Rp 28,000,000


Compact, Lightweight and Convenient    ▶ Best Active Cladding Alignment fusion splicer with slim and light form factor 

    l Size : 124(W) × 189(L) × 75(H) mm l Weight : 1.1 kg (Including battery)

     l Splicing time : 7 sec l Heating : 13 sec (IS-60 mode, IS-60 sleeve)

    ▶ With Work Table, maximizing the work efficiency.



Resistance to Shock, Dust and Water    ▶ The splicer with high reliability has stable performance even in a harsh environment.

     l Shock – Free Fall : 76cm l Waterproof : IPx2 l Dustproof : IP5x

 Resistance Wide LCD : 4.3 Inch  

     ▶  Heater Crystal clear and wide 4.3″ LCD.


Fiber alignment Active V-Groove Alignment

Applicable type of fibers 0.25mm, 0.9mm, 2.0mm, 3.0mm, Indoor cable

Fiber count Single fiber

Applicable fiber dimensions Cladding diameter: 125㎛ / Coating diameter: 150㎛~3mm

Fiber setting and cleaved length 5mm to 16mm

Splicing modes Splice mode: 300, Heater mode:100

Typical Splice Loss SM: 0.02dB, MM: 0.01dB, DS: 0.04dB, NZDS: 0.04dB

Return loss > 60dB

Splicing Time Typical 7sec (Standard SM, SM-SM mode)

Splice loss estimate Available

Sleeve heating time Typical 13sec with IS-60 mode, IS-60 sleeve

Applicable protection sleeve 40mm,60mm and micro sleeves

Storage of splice result Date : 5,000 Up to, Image: 5,000 Up to

Tension test 1.96N to 2.25N

Operating condition Altitude: 5,000m above sea level, Temperature: -10℃~50℃, Humidity: 0~95%,

Wind: 15m/s, non-condensing, dust proof, water proof, shock proof

Storage condition Temperature: -40℃~80℃, Humidity: 0~95%

Dimension 124(W)x189(L)x75(H)mm(Without rubber protector)

Weight 1.1kg(Including battery)

Viewing method and display Two CMOS cameras and 4,3-inch color LCD monitor

Fiber view and magnification X/Y : 130X MAX:260X

Power supply Li-ion Battery(DC 14.8V, 3400mAh), 100 ~ 240V AC Charger

No.of splice cycles with battery Typical 200 cyclesElectrode lifeMore than 21,000 timesTerminalsUSB


Arc Fusion SplicerKF4

Battery AdapterFY1701000

Spare ElectrodeEI-24

Cooling TrayCT-01(40mm)

User Guide CD–

Carrying CaseSoft Case(ILST-SS03 L)



Alcohol DispenserPP

Manual StripperCF-02

USB Cable


Battery KF-340

Electrode EL-24

Cleaver Blade BI-05

Work Belt WB-01

Sleeving Clamp SC-01

Fiber Holder HS-250, HS-900, HS-2.5, HS-IN, HS-SC/FC, HF4-ST, HF4-LC, LS-900(Choose one)

Sleeve S09-C, S09, S30-C, S30

Carrying Case Hard Case(HC-11)

SOC Connector SC, LC, FC, ST (Refer to FTTx Solution catalogue)

External Power DC 12V Available for car cigar jack

Work Table WK-02

Alcohol Dispenser POM

Screw Driver LD-3300

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